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Ruth Sarah Angela Pellow

Ruth Sarah Angela Pellow

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About Ruth
Fertility Nurse Specialist & Co-director of IVF Treatment AbroadBorn 26th April 1969.

Fertility Nurse Specialist & Co-director of IVF Treatment Abroad

Since 1992 I have been a fertility nurse specialist and I have a real passion for the job that I do. Having to go through the process of having fertility treatment be it IVF using your own oocytes or egg donation is not an easy decision to have to make, so being able to be there for patients that do start out on that journey is really fulfilling and rewarding. Of course treatments do not always work, but I am confident in saying that over 70% of my patients eventually give birth to healthy babies.

You are far more than a statistic or even a patient to me. You are a human being that is going through one of the most stressful events imaginable, but I am here to be the voice of reason, calm and stability. My role is to support you seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five days a year until we get the desired result.

Going abroad for treatment need not be as stressful as you might think and personally I am of the opinion that it is probably easier as you are not having to make appointments around your working and personal life. No, you are not going on holiday with the aim of getting pregnant while you are there, but what better way to relieve some of the stress by doing a little sightseeing or by sitting by the pool with a chilled glass of something, preferably non alcoholic!

Please take special note should you decide to use my services that it will cost you no more than if you had gone to one of the clinics I work with direct, so in effect I am a free service. This service includes full support pre, during and post treatment cycle, providing treatment plans, arranging appointments and medications, advice on tests and scans pre-treatment, and general pre, during and post treatment updates.

Whatever you decide to do, or wherever you decide to go should you need treatment, I wish you all the best!

Ruth Pellow


  • seema

    Hi Ruth,
    I am looking at egg donation after failed several IVF attempts. Have just returned from first consultation in Spain and my main (and only concern) is how donors and recipients are matched. I was wondering whether the service you provide includes ensuring as best you can a compatible donor? I don’t want to be matched with someone for the sake of speed and was slightly concerned as to how the selection process takes place at the clinic we went to – wasn’t as reassured as I would have hoped to have been and am therefore looking at alternative clinics, although i am not discounting the one we went to. Thank you! best wishes, Seema

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