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Ruth Pellow has been a fertility nurse specialist since 1992. She completed her general training at the Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel, London and it was here that she met women who were starting on their incredible IVF journey. It was these women and their experiences that prompted her to go into this fascinating field of medicine. Since then, she has worked at the London Women’s Clinic in Harley Street, London, followed by ten years as the Senior Nurse Fertility Co-ordinator at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, London. She then spent nearly five years at a small clinic on the Costa del Sol, where she not only helped them become very successful, but was also instrumental in raising the profile of the idea of couples going abroad for treatment.

Because the popularity of travelling to foreign climes for IVF has become so popular, she decided that rather than sticking to one clinic, why not offer patients a small number of specially selected clinics that meet her own ethos towards patient care and support, as well as having excellent success rates, but at competitive prices. As Ruth herself says, “There are a huge number of places that you can go these days to have all forms of IVF treatments, but I wanted smaller centres as they have smaller overheads and therefore lower prices, but I am also of the opinion that you will receive a higher level of personal attention and care. Don’t get me wrong, the larger centres out there have just as good success rates and excellent medical personnel, but comments I have had are along the lines of, “I felt like I was on a conveyor belt” or “I was just a number” or “I never saw the same person twice”. Not so with the clinics that we work with and why pay double the price or more for the same chance of success?”

In 2009 Ruth and her husband Simon branched out on their own and created IVF Spain, Greece IVF and IVF Treatment Abroad working with two clinics from Spain and two from Greece. From an initial couple of patients per month they are now regularly helping between 15 and 20 couples and single women through treatment cycles with the clinics that they collaborate with every month. Ruth is responsible for all the medical side of things, whilst Simon deals with the day to day company stuff.

Because of the high level profile of their services, they are regularly approached by clinics from around the world, asking if they would like to create new collaborations, but as Simon says, “We trust the centres that we currently work with and did not want to spread ourselves too thin. They know us and we know them and whilst we are always considering other options, we want to be able to maintain the high levels of patient care and support that we do. We lived in Spain for five years so know how the clinics there work. We now live in Greece and it made sense to work with some clinics here as well, especially as the levels of professionalism and facilities are as good as anywhere else. The service that we provide is totally unique and whilst it might seem strange to conduct everything via phone and email it works, it really does. You just have to ask the 250 or so patients who have used the service over the past couple of years!”

Ruth and Simon chose the clinics they have because:

  • They are smaller and have lower overheads and therefore have competitive prices.
  • They all have English speaking personnel.
  • Premises are modern and purpose built.
  • They have excellent success rates.
  • They have the latest technology and use the latest techniques.
  • All locations are relatively easy to get to from the UK.
  • They all meet EU regulations in their respective countries.

Please be assured that Ruth and Simon have personally visited the clinics to ensure that the facilities and treatment techniques are the latest available and that the medical personnel have the same ethos towards patient care and support as they do.

Ruth and Simon are both dedicated in trying to ensure that any treatment cycle you might go through is as stress free as possible, and whilst it is never going to be completely free of stress they are confident that the services they provide along with the clinics that they work with, will end with you having a positive experience and hopefully appositive pregnancy test.