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“After years of trying for a child and numerous failed fertility treatments in the UK, my husband and I had almost given up until our specialist suggested we contact IVF Treatment Abroad. We found our contact, Ruth Pellow, to be informative, objective and extremely helpful in finding a clinic to suit our needs. The process from start to finish was stress free and calming. We are now expecting twins in the Spring next year and could not be more excited!”

Treatment Abroad Experiences

”In March 2014 I got into an egg donation program with a clinic in Spain. I’m from Germany and here, unfortunately, ED is forbidden by law.

It took me some month to find that clinic by searching the internet for recommendations, statistics and all those stuff everybody in my situation will know about… They presented with good numbers, high success rates and acceptable prices, so we chose that clinic. We had a coordinator, with whom we corresponded by email and who gave us all the instructions. The doctors that she referred to when answering our questions were always different ones, which made me wonder how much they might now about our special case and how individual such a treatment could be. 

We had 1fresh and 3 frozen transfers, all of them unsuccessful . From transfer to transfer we felt more like we were just one couple of many and like nobody really cared about us and the reason why we didn’t succeed.

So I started again to search the internet for an alternative. 

And that’s when Ruth’s name came up. I read through her ivf. Treatment abroad site and decided to contact her. I got an answer almost instantly with many information and the offer to chat via Skype. So I spoke to Ruth and that’s all it took to convince me, that this was the right place to go  for us.

We talked about the former treatment and she suggested to do some further tests and also recommended one clinic in Greece which she thought would be best for us. Just a short time later we went to that clinic  to do some tests, get matched to a donor and do the paperwork .

We got a proven donor and 9 out of 10 retrieved eggs fertilized and developed into very good blastocysts that had to be frozen, because my endometrium wasn’t as good as it should have been to do a fresh transfer. So I went for a frozen transfer some weeks later. Everybody at the clinic was very warm and welcoming and made me feel like an individual and not just like a number.

And I got pregnant!!! We were so happy that after all those unsuccessful attempts and the thereby associated stress it finally happened!

Unfortunately the pregnancy didn’t develop further, but at least we got pregnant and now we are quite confident that the next try might be successful.

All this time Ruth guided us through every step, explaining everything, making suggestions and always being available when needed: You have a question? Email and you’ll get an answer within the hour. Need to talk? You Skype Ruth, talk to her and she’ll make you feel better, or at least comfort you, instantly. 

You can feel that she has a lot of experience and, even more important to me, plenty of empathy and the real ambition to help you make your dream come true: a child of your own. 

I wish I had known about her before , because now it feels like we wasted one precious year.

So, if you’re thinking about whether you should try with ivf. Treatment abroad/Ruth  I can only recommend to go for it! You’ll be in very good hands and you’ll be seen as the person you are and not just another client who needs to be handled.

Good luck to everybody !!!




“Having Tried IVF treatment in New Zealand & been unsuccessful, my husband and I decided to research Egg donation on the net and we came across Ruth Pellow’s website.
Ruth contacted us and I immediately felt confidence in her, her knowledge and experience exceeded my expectations and I felt that she really cared about my Infertility Battles. The communication prior to us travelling to Greece was excellent and I could speak to Ruth whenever I needed to. Once we got to Greece we were really looked after, with Accommodation provided as well as someone to talk to and even a shoulder to cry on at times in need.

Whilst out treatment didn’t initially have the result we had hoped for we still got a better outcome than we have ever got in our home Country & we cannot speak highly enough or Ruth and the team. We will be back one day for further treatment.

The Clinic that Ruth Corresponded with for our Treatment were very professional & I felt like I was in great hands. It was Clean, looked newly renovated & the team were well presented. We got warm welcomes from the experienced team, overall they couldn’t have done enough for us.”

“The Pellow Pad”
Accommodation was just like “home away from home” getting places was not a problem thanks to Simon, beaches were just a short walk away & the pool/BBQ area is exceptional, very relaxing! We enjoyed every experience we had of Greece & each day was something new. Once again Ruth & Simon were Exceptional Hosts to patients Abroad.

“Overall Experience”
Ruth in my opinion is not just a Fertility Nurse, she has exceptional people skills & kind gestures that don’t just end after your treatment has finished. I still find myself asking her for advice & opinion’s. I value her more than just my Fertility Nurse I feel as if I have gained a friend and someone I can trust. “
SM 2013

After 10 unsuccessful years of IVF treatments in the UK we were told that our next step would be egg donation, which came as a bit of a surprise and we were very emotional. After taking the news in, we decided to trawl the internet for information on egg donation abroad due to time limits in the UK and being nearly 40! I looked at many web sites abroad before thankfully coming across Ruth and her team. From the first call Ruth was very helpful, she put my mind at ease and was very understanding, all my questions were answered professionally and with sensitivity and all was made clear, she explained everything in detail and that was the end of me searching the internet! We began the process and unfortunately we did have a couple of unsuccessful treatments, but the support was always there from Ruth and we were very determined to get the result we had longingly waited for. On our last treatment we did have the positive result we had been patiently waiting for! Unfortunately the pregnancy did not carry on to full term however Ruth was available for support at all times. We are now waiting to start the process over again and the upset we have been through certainly hasn’t put us off!
I would most certainly recommend Ruth and her team, we would not have had our positive result without them and we are looking forward to hopefully having another result the same!

CH (40) 2013

“Our IVF journey began in a clinic in Dublin 4 years ago and although the clinic was very efficient it felt very impersonal and I never felt like things were moving at a quick enough pace. I was 40 at the time we started so time was not on our side. After many attempts at IUI then IVF we were finally told by the clinic that the only way we could concieve was via a donor egg. The donor egg scheme in our clinic was well set up but to go through the process would have taken nearly 2 years with them, at that stage I was 43 which meant all going well first attempt I would be 45.

I decided to look for other options when I came across Ruth Pellow at IVF Treatment abroad. I researched the company and found nothing but positive reports. I sent Ruth an email and she responded straight away. After telling her my story and of the urgency of the situation Ruth very quickly came back with options of clinics for me to choose from and said that we could receive treatment almost immediately as there was no waiting lists in any of the clinics. I decided on Clinica Fertia in Spain as this was a smaller friendly clinic and easy for us to commute to. Ruth took care of everything for me and sent step by step instructions of the things that I needed to do. Within 3 months I was in Spain having a wonderful holiday and came home pregnant.

I cannot recommend Ruth highly enough. She took the fear out of the whole process and simplified everything for me. There was no problem with the language barrier and all appointments in Spain were made for us. Any time I had a wobble Ruth made me feel at ease.”

KM 2013

“My husband and I are Canadians who had been searching (unsuccessfully) for an egg donor for over 18 months before we happened to come across Ruth at We had no idea that this type of service even existed. We made contact with Ruth and were instantly struck by her positive and warm approach. What a difference from dealing with a large impersonal clinic! Once our testing was completed, we were matched with a suitable donor within four weeks. All the way through our treatment, responses to our questions (and worries!) were almost immediate – an amazing thing considering we were in different time zones. We used the Iakentro clinic and really believe that we received the gold standard in treatment and patient care from them. Although we were not successful on our first attempt, we do have six quality blastocysts leftover from our first cycle to work with. That, in itself, is an amazing result, and clearly Iakentro has their donor stimulation protocol perfected! We felt 100% supported throughout our relationship with ivftreatmentabroad and believe that Ruth and Simon went above and beyond to assist us. We learned so much from our first cycle and know that this knowledge will help us in our upcoming FET. Thank you so much, Ruth and Simon.”
D & C, 2013

“I first got in touch with Ruth a year ago, after being told our only chance of having a baby would be through egg donation.  The wait list and cost in the UK meant that wasn’t going to be an option for us, so after researching fertility treatment in Europe I came across

From my first communication with Ruth, I felt reassured by the extent of her knowledge and professionalism, yet warm and friendly approach.  After the exchange of a couple of emails and calls it was just like talking to an old friend.  We provided all the information, from our previous cycles, blood tests, etc and within a couple of weeks we were matched with our first donor. I couldn’t believe how fast and easy the whole procedure was.

Unfortunately our first DE cycle was not successful, but we felt fully supported throughout and through further tests we discovered we had previously undiagnosed male fertility issues as well as my own infertility.

We have just undergone our second DE cycle with a new donor.  It can be scary going abroad for treatment, especially going to a country where you don’t speak the language, but Ruth takes a lot of the stress out of the planning and all the staff at Iakentro speak very good English.

The hospitality, kindness and support I have received from Ruth, her family and our clinic Iakentro has been amazing and I would thoroughly recommend to anyone who find themselves in the position of going aboard for fertility treatment.”

Mrs F, London.

“We went to IVF Treatment Abroad to do a double donation IVF cycle after 9 rounds of unsuccessful treatment in the UK and Denmark.  Ruth and the team provided us a great service from the start.  For example when we described our circumstances, Ruth suggested a particular clinic in Greece and gave us the reasons why.  We would not have necessarily picked that clinic from our own Google research but their particular skills were most relevant in our case.  From that point onwards we had a valuable reference point for everything from where to get tests done (our regular GP was a bit non-plussed at all of this and not terribly helpful) to dealing with the sensitive and difficult issues of choosing donors. 

Having had a mixed bag of treatments in the past we’ve learned through experience the difference it can make having one point of contact throughout.  Ruth provided that and it made the whole thing so much less stressful having one person to speak to and the feeling of having someone up to speed and proactive on your team and on your side.  In comparison to IVF cycles with my own eggs this was a breeze and turning up in Greece with a known quantified number and quality of embryos took a lot of the stress away.  Whilst IVF using donors was never and still is not our ideal, if you have to go down that route and you are doing it overseas, I would not fail to recommend the team here.  Our limited time in the clinic was well-organised and the team there were professional and the environment modern and calm.  The combination of having an extra layer of Ruth and team in between us and the clinic never felt like doubling up and the speed of response on everything was incredibly good throughout.”

CL. 2013